The Success of Robert Fitzgibbons

"The Success of Robert Fitzgibbons will stimulate readers to set their dreams in motion. It is an encouraging story that inspires readers to embrace who they are and to take action to follow their dreams. Children and adults reading this book will learn from its lessons – it’s like personal growth for the whole family!”

Michael J. Losier, Bestselling author, Law of Attraction – The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t

Have you ever had a dream in life? Ever get so excited about an opportunity only to have someone else tell you why it will not work? Robert Fitzgibbons knows this story. So does his creator, Eric Blank. Both spent more time listening to others than listening to themselves. The voice inside was always there telling them what to do yet they were both too distracted by everyone else’s wishes and desires.

As a result of his life experience, Eric offers the powerful message of following your dreams. The Success of Robert Fitzgibbons illustrates how one young boy experiences the difficulties of not following his dreams. Through his journey, Robert Fitzgibbons shows that it is never too late to follow your heart and to achieve happiness – the ultimate success.

Eric Blank creates a simple yet deeply profound tale entertaining and motivating readers of all ages. The powerful “follow your dreams” message revives our own dreams and reminds us of life’s amazing possibilities. This contemporary story is written with imaginative rhyme and lively illustrations inspired by drawings created by elementary school students. The Success of Robert Fitzgibbons is a ‘must read’ addition to any child or adult’s collection. This book will inspire your entire family.

Eric is spreading this message to the world through his book and his lectures. Click here to learn more about The Success of Robert Fitzgibbons. Click here to learn more about Eric.

“Make Your Dreams a Reality!”

Eric Blank , Author


"The Success of Robert Fitzgibbons is a wonderful parable about following your heart and dedicating your life to the pursuit of your dream! Read it and apply its timeless lessons."

Ruben Gonzalez

Three-time Olympian, author
of The Courage to Succeed.

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