Eric Blank is helping people around the world find their dreams and work towards achieving them.  His book, The Success of Robert Fitzgibbons, offers inspiration and encouragement to people of all ages to follow their dreams. Eric is a living example of Robert Fitzgibbons.  After graduating from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Eric traveled extensively in the United States and overseas.  During these travels, he experienced different cultures and connected with many individuals- some of whom were following their dreams and many of whom felt trapped by their circumstances in life.  Eric has continued to study what motivates people and learn about blocks that keep us from following our dreams. 

Eric has always been involved with helping others.  Before attending law school, he participated in local community affairs and neighborhood safety in Philadelphia.

Even in those days, Eric saw the need to help people. On his law school application, he wrote, "Individuals need to understand that the rights granted by laws do not require a college education, business ownership or financial success. Laws are intended to protect our rights and not to be a language only understood by a few.”

It was this desire to unify people from all walks of life that led Eric to study law. After receiving his degree from the University of Arizona College of Law, Eric provided legal and business counsel for NBC and FOX affiliate television stations. It was during this time that Eric began to appreciate how a person speaking out can help change a situation into one where people can benefit.

He then produced and hosted an informational consumer-driven legal show, “The Brief”, the goal of which was to help make the law understandable for all people. “The Brief” and provide people the opportunity to change the way the legal profession operates and empowers them to have the law work for them.  He has appeared on both ABC Action News and Fox-5 News providing legal opinions and analysis for current headline stories.  In addition, his articles have appeared in the Las Vegas Business Press and Jewish Reporter.

It was after practicing law for several years that Eric began to realize while his legal career was fulfilling, his true dream was to become an author and to help others realize their own dreams. The Success of Robert Fitzgibbons is a personal journey for Eric, and he hopes to inspire and motivate others with his story. Eric then developed the Dreams Workshop – a workshop created specifically for children of all ages where he personally reads his book aloud to his audience, engaging the audience by having each person interpret a part of his story by creating illustrations (some of which will be chosen for his books!)  He then ends with discussing the importance of staying true to yourself and following your own dream. Currently, Eric is bringing his Dreams Workshop to schools in and around the Las Vegas area.

Eric currently has his own law practice while serving as Of Counsel for the law firm of Shook & Stone.

“If you don't follow your dream, who will?” – Emeril Lagasse