Dreams Program:

Eric Blank will visit your group or school as much more than an author. Eric will captivate your audience with his reading of “The Success of Robert Fitzgibbons”, a story that offers inspiration and encouragement to people of all ages who are in search of discovering and realizing their dreams. Afterwards, Eric will take the audience through his own personal journey of self-discovery and the importance of being true to yourself – you will leave this special workshop thinking about your life in a whole new light and begin making the decisions necessary to ensure you always follow your dreams. 

Eric’s presentations are 30-45 minutes in length and can be customized to all age groups. His interactive presentation challenges you to find your own voice and dream and not to follow the voices of those around you.  Eric illustrates how easily we can get caught up in the stories of others and not listen to our voice.  Eric engages the audience by having each person interpret a part of his story by creating illustrations (some of which will be chosen for his books!)  He then ends with discussing the importance of staying true to yourself and following your own dream.

Signed Books:

We will provide an order form to pre-order personally signed books and Eric will personally dedicate each book to each member of the audience providing that all books are ordered 30 days prior to the visit.


Fee Structure:

Thank you for your interest in Eric Blank’s Dreams Workshop.  This exciting Dreams Program is created to inspire and motivate young people and the adults who guide them.  To discuss fees, please contact us at (702) 524-0544 or by e-mail at dreams@robertfitzgibbons.com.